Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Jack Frost

The Jack Frost party was so much fun. It was so magical that it was snowing, too. I didn't get to do a shotski with Chippy, but I should have other chances to do one. It was nice seeing so many friends from near and far. White Grass is a special place.

The skiing was fantastic. My leg is getting more stable and stronger. Of course, White Grass is a pretty hilly place all in all. And the downhills are still not so good for me. One of my favorite aspects about the trails at White Grass are the big corners on the downhills. They are sweeping and require comittment. There was still plenty of untracked woods, too. When you get to know the trails really well, you can start making your own different ways up and down the mountain. Its nice to get intimate with the woods in between the trails.

We ate at Sirianni's... the best pizza ever. Happy Birthday Mike Goss!

Today was a spring day. I actually went out for a road ride. It felt awesome, but now I'm tired from it like I trained or something.

Get outside and have some fun this weekend!

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  1. Ditto on Sirianni's! Hey, can you send us some snow down here in Roanoke?