Saturday, August 2, 2008

two weeks

I'm having lots more good days than bad days now! I still lay around all day with my leg elevated, but the pain has subsided a ton. Now there is more deep ache and burning.

My sister, Beth, has been taking care of me for the last four days. It has been so nice. She is so happy to attend to any little need that I have. Plus, she has been making the most amazing food for me...summer tomatoes, squash, beets and chard.

I've been obsessed with It is a collection of people's tales with their broken legs. I was thinking about sharing my story, but haven't had the energy yet to do so.

Tim surprised me with a used wheelchair. Now, with help, I can do hot laps in the park across the street to get some exercise.

I see the doctor on monday!


  1. Good to hear you are feeling better! I was thinking of you this weekend at 24-9...I hope to see you next winter at Ray's again.

  2. Did that wheelchair come with knobbies and a climbing gear?

  3. Looks like you have figured out how to be injured with style! Soon people will spot you off-roading on the trails in your wheelchair.