Saturday, August 23, 2008

5 weeks into a broken leg

Thank god for the olympics. Its been sweet watching them while I'm laid up. I got to watch the mtb last night on They had a lot of cameras and did a much better job of showing the race than in Athens. Congrats to all the racers who stuck it out for there was a high rate of attrition. Congrats to Mary and Georgia for staying composed and having solid rides. Between the pressure and the conditions it looked less than fun. The people at the front made it look fast and easy. The others were more realistic looking...pain and suffering. I love mtbing, but it just is hard to translate to TV really well. And when things get spread apart it gets a lot less interesting. Who cares, though? Its the Olympics and mtb fans are the most loyal. So the moral of the story for me its don't! But BMX is freakin' wicked awesome. I'll watch that anytime. Jill Kintner is a bronzemember!

My leg is doing good. I went to the doctor and he said come back in 4 weeks. He didn't take an X-ray or anything. He didn't say much at all. I asked won't I be weight bearing before that because that would be 8 weeks. He said that he wouldn't recommend it. I did talk him into Physical Therapy. That's good and gives me something productive to do( and self-centered which is what being a pro athlete is mostly about).

I've been in the pool which is conveniently located across the street. I can wheelchair over there and do some laps. I'm training to beat Jenny Smith in the Xterras. Don't worry Jenny, its going to be a while.

I also am now on a bike! I've ridden the stationary bike without a problem. And today I went out on a little neighborhood spin. It felt good!

We babysat for the puppy "Campy". Even though she is so,so cute, Ruby growled at her the whole time. She is a jealous little thing.

I'm so impressed that a first year stage race like the american mtb classic can give out $500 per stage win and then a really good overall cash prize. Its a shame not many racers turned out. I think there are 10 women. I was planning on going. Hopefully JB will pull out the win and LLC will get her endurance going. Hopefully kiwi Jenny won't have too many flashbacks from the Cape Epic.

Tim got another car. That brings the total number of cars in front of the house to 9. Eight people live in our house. One time someone asked us if we are a used car dealership. He calls it his manweekend car. Its a 1982 Volkswagon Rabbit. It is funny seeing it next to the 2006 GTI. The GTI looks huge.


  1. Hey Sue, I just googled you and wow! What a bummer.....I'll have to get in touch with you and get the details. I was wondering why I didn't see you in the olympics.

    Take care,

  2. Watch out for those dang VW Rabbits. You may only have one in the driveway right now but in a few weeks the lawn will be covered with them. I’m glad to see that the leg is doing better. I hope to see you guys and the rest of the SBC crew in Stokesville Saturday night. I’ve got some WV questions for ya.


  3. Bummed to hear about your leg. It was nice to see you at Downieville, what a great event. The Mountain Classic stage race was so hard at 10,000ft! Ouch! Even with the endurance format it still felt somewhat like a NMBS race. Nothing like the SM100 or any of the other awesome endurance events in the "burg".
    I bought a VW rabbit for $2 a couple of years ago. It was the best $2 I have ever spent. Even with the dangling muffler and popsicle stick temp guage. I sold it to Nick the stick for $350! Hahahaha