Friday, September 14, 2007

Wisco Disco

Lea, Dusty, Bork and Z man and I are here in Wisconsin freezing out butts off. Darn its cold here. They are calling for some snow the day of the race. By the way if you don't know what race is tomorrow, then you are not from the Midwest. Tomorrow is the biggest race in the midwest. Its actually the midwestern world championships. There is a lot of psyche getting thrown around about this race and who is going to win. There are rumors of some people peaking for this race instead of Nationals. Lea is really nervous. She has never been in a mass start with 2500 people. Well not many mountainbikers have unless they have done this race. In someone's preview of the race they misspelled her name and insinuated that she is just here to be a domestique or something. Obviously, the people in the midwest don't know about the Eastside being the best side. Yeah!

There are some cool bikes floating around. Nostalgia is big up here. It is the 25th anniversary of the Chequamegon and there is a lot of bike celebration going on. Harry put together a little retrospective bike show. It has some vintage mtbs.
It has the first Trek mtb frame from 1983 and the first composite carbon and aluminum bike. The bike culture is really vibrant here.

By the way, the race course tomorrow is on the American Birkenbiener cross country race course. But it goes in the opposite direction. On the wall at the Telemark Lodge they have all the past winners. Its awesome! These people really respect their history up here.

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