Wednesday, September 19, 2007

One on One

Ross, Lea and I headed down to Minneapolis Sunday night to hang out with Larry Foss, international man of soigneuring and Nick Waite, not a little kid anymore. Nick lives in the same town as me, but It seems that I always hang out with him someplace else. Larry has a killer apartment above the cool bike shop One on One Studio. They have some beauty bikes and an unbelievable basement full of crazy stuff. It was good to see Gino O, whom I haven't seen since the Punk Bike enduro many years ago. I picked up a copy of a newer rag called Urban Velo. It is really cool and reminds me that bikes are not just about racing.

We got to walk around the city, which was a big treat for all of us since we live in small towns. Minneapolis has tons of fixies riding around. It also has tons of bars and clubs that have lunch buffets. Lea said it was the weirdest night of her life. I think she has been hanging out in Jericho too much.

My stomach has been messed up for a couple of days now. I guess the weekend really took its toll on me. Maybe it was the combo of severe dehydration, Wisconsin barbeque, donuts and beer. It was so much fun though.

We had our first cross practice last night. Three of us showed up. Harrisonburg doesn't have much of a cross scene. Its okay with me because the mtb scene is off the hook. I wasn't feeling good, so I took it easy. Even when I feel good there is no way I can keep up with Trevor and Carp. They have mad skills.

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  1. ok so not the weirdest night of my life. But, the combo of 3 am bedtime, christian rock blaring for 2 hours starting at 6:20 am, strangers in the bathroom, and a place called 'sinners', i'd give it a solid 8 on the weirdness scale.
    LLC 'just here to help' Davison