Monday, September 24, 2007

Big Bear Ultra

I went to the Big Bear Ultra race in Hazelton, WV this weekend. It was a sixty mile off roader. The first 25 miles was very sweet singletrack. I just love a smaller race that can go right into very fun singletrack. Then there were some rugged fire roads and a couple miles of singletrack at the end. It was a very classy race run by Mark Schooley. I saw a lot of old friends. I even met a guy who grew up with Lea. It was great to ride for 5 hours then hang out and eat and gab.

Where are all the racer girls these days at local races? There were only two of us, Me and Besty Shogren. Then I heard that there was only one girl at the six pack downhill. Come on ladies...go racing. I know the cyclocross races are getting great numbers. I guess that is where the big interest is for ladies racing right now.

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