Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Face with tears of Joy

The Ring is 71 miles of the Orange Loop around Fort Valley, Virginia.  I've been riding up there for years and absolutely love it.  It is rocky, dry, technical, slow moving and lots of steeps.  Usually when I ride there I don't manage to cover much ground and always have to walk lines on the uphill and down!
That sunny east ridge of Massanutten. Photo credit: Eric Jensen
I only know of 3 dudes that have completed it in one day and one has an asterisk because he missed Wanoaze(but I'm still counting him).  Now could more people do it...yes, of course.  It's not that hard, but it is pretty hard.  It's slow going. It's certainly not for everyone.  And there really needs to be two categories of Ring rides:  Those who complete it in one day and those that complete the toughest moves on the Ring.( And I would say there are about 3-4 dudes that can do that)
Look at those deep, deep oak leaves!  The strenuous hike up  Waterfall Trail.
 Carey Lowery asked if I would like to do it.    She made  me commit and I really appreciate that. My nature is too laid back sometimes and she is a good motivator and very driven.  She hadn't even ridden Fort Valley before so had no idea what the terrain was like in person.  And she did great!  I think she'll be the first woman to do it in one day.
Chutes and rocks.  Photo credit: Kyle Lawrence

This doesn't even look hard, but it's picky. Photo credit:Carey Lowery

This is the word of the year.  Last year was vape.  I would of chose Boost.

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