Saturday, March 26, 2011

My next adventure vacation...Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic

I know that I just got back from vacation in Sedona and Baja, but vacations are just about the coolest thing on earth. The Sedona and Baja trips involved a lot of mountain biking and some moto riding but this was all on the chill side of things. There was tons of beer drinking, margarita sipping and a general over consumption of chips. I rode bikes, but I wouldn't call it bike racing training. It wasn't bike racing training, but I guess it could be considered 'vacation training'.

So its mildly ironic to me that my next "vacation" is a bike race in Pennsylvania. And least that is the theme of the Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic Race. Its a seven day race that is going to dish out plenty of fun and awesome riding, but isn't there going to be some pain and suffering involved as well? Should vacations really involve days upon days of driving your ass into your saddle and racing against girls who are much more fit and driven to win? Should it involve grinding up hills that you don't know where they end and flying down rocky gnarl that you hope is mostly benign? I guess that is the adventure part. And since I do love adventure, and vacations...I'm really looking forward to this experience at the end of May.

And if you are considering doing the race, sign up... and mention my name and I'll provide you with a quart of my homemade Piquin pepper Salsa that will light up your day.


  1. Sounds like the perfect vacation to me. I think I'll join you.

  2. Nice. I absolutely consider this a fantastic vacation. You could be driving your ass into an office chair instead... You chose a much better alternative! Good luck!

  3. THAT sounds like fun.

    Good luck!

  4. I am glad I am not the only one that enjoys pain and suffering while on vacation. I am currently in Afghanistan (DoD budget analyst) and had the pleasure of going to NZ for a 14 day mtb tour of the south island. I had the honor and joy of riding with 2 Germans and 2 Swiss. Let me tell you they kicked butt on our trip! Thank God they were fun and supportive, since I was always last, except on downhill! :) That was my chance to shine as the only American. After it was said and done, it was painful for me but through it all I grew as a person and as a mountain biker.

    I am coming home early June, so I am getting my plans in order for mountain bike clinics and possibly a race? I have never done a mtb race before, so I am not sure if I should attempt it. When is this race that you speak of? I might consider it depending on when it is. I would love to try your salsa dip, sounds awesome! I might even sign up just for the dip! What an incentive!! And if you throw in a margarita I am definitely in (if I am home in time)!

    ~Sharon Strickland

  5. Can't wait for the race!! Also, we have rented a place for the canaan mtb weekend in june---will be signing up for the girls ride on friday!! Woo!

  6. Hope you bring some of that tasty WV spring water! I'll be on hand to wrench and massage. Looking forward to vacation w/o too much suffering, and a weeee bit-o-work.