Monday, January 4, 2010

More Hashing and lots of night skiing

Wow, what an awesome week of super cold temperatures and snowy days. It was great to be up in Canaan to enjoy the deep freeze and purple powder alerts. I'm working at White Grass this winter and not going anywhere warm. I've been seeing so many friends and people from my skiing past, it has been really social. Working those busy days means lots of night skiing, which I love. Especially on my wooden skis with my buddies.

There was a large, raucous crew of iceboxers this week and for New Years. The toilet couldn't handle it, but the house was cozy warm. Even baby Ethan thought it was great.

There was a dress up blue moon hash with speed buck and sparkle horse as the oh so fast hares. How do they do it. Franco, Mandy and Me rounded up the rear , but did the whole thing. The singing and the fries at the brew pub were both tasty. These are really fun things to do even when its raining.

I have to say, I'm so glad that I don't have to train outside on a bike in these temperatures. XC skiing is just so fun and a great aerobic workout that I'm happy, happy!

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  1. Ahh Sue looks like fun! I rode in salida today which was awesome and warm, untill the way home when it was not so awesome and cold. Winter biking.. is stupid. I'm sorry but its true, you don't do it for fun really. Happy New year.