Sunday, January 24, 2010

It was another awesome week of skiing, albeit some weird, changing snow conditions. We saw above freezing temps that made the snow "change" or granulize. One morning, I could barely walk down the steps to my car without slipping and sliding and then floundering on all fours. If anyone saw me they would of though no way was this girl once a professional athlete and also , no way was this girl going to be able to ski today.

But warming temps brought some of the best hero snow ever. I was a tele goddess for a 3 hour window. By dark it had set up again and the trails were lightning fast and loud. Skating on it this morning was okay, but scary fast on the down. My bum leg hates doing "power wedges" down the hill, so its lots of parallel turns and holding my breath.

I got to ski with the tele teacher guru, Dickie Hall. If you want to learn to tele, this is the man to learn it from. He gives great advice like if you want to know what ski length to use, try one size on one leg and the other size on the other leg and you'll know right away after an hour which is the size for you. But he also says everything fun in life is done with the hips, so use your hips to tele ski.

I also loved making turns with Mikey, Stroski, Spencer, Chaga, TP,Charlie, Geo and Chipper of course. What a cool group of XC nords. Thank You Friends!

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