Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tuesday Ride was good, but how about

The Tuesday fast ride was fun with some quick riding. We rode south of town, south of Bridgewater on some sweet roads. I am constantly amazed at how many back roads there are for riding here. We are really lucky.

The hopes of the young wannabe pros, Andy and Ryan, were crushed by Kyle"Naysayer" or "No Compromises" Lawrence. He put the kabosh on the 13 sprint signs and 3 Koms with the set route. Oh Well. I guess JV is going to stay JV. Did I mention Jonathon won most of the sprints head to head against Ryan?

I'm bummed that I couldn't get my new Turner going for this weekend. There were some tears. I was so excited to ride the new DW link bike up at the 101. Even though its a chill race, I still get all bent up over little things with racing. Tim ran into some problems with some of my old components because some of the screws on the STI levers were so overtight we couldn't change the hoses. Or something like that. But the Turner that I have now will do me good.

Have you ever checked out yearbookyourself ? It is pretty hilarious! You can go through the years and get all the sweet hairdos and relive the glory days.

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