Monday, July 20, 2009

One year anniversary of broken leg

This weekend marked my sweet anniversary of breaking my tibia and fibula at National Championships in Mt. Snow Vermont. What a freak stab dab it was! Its hard to believe the recovery took a year for me. I thought that being in great shape would of sped it up a bit, but I guess when you break a weight bearing bone it levels the playing field a lot. Of course, I probably could of done a little better with my recovery if I dedicated myself to the healing of my leg, like I did for my bike racing. But once I "retired" and didn't have to train, I got pretty lazy all in all. I lost a lot of focus.

I had a lot of repercussions from not walking for so long like poor balance and very weak back and hip muscles. I could ride my bike pretty good, but when it came time to do a big move or ride in wet conditions, I was just not the same rider as before. But I'm getting better. I also have not run yet. It just feels weird and weak to do that.

But this past weekend, I felt great on my bike. I felt balanced, competent and very happy. I love my Turner and just put on some Maxxis Advantage tires.

It was great spending the weekend up in Canaan with Tim, Ruby, Chippy, Chaga, Mellie, Mateo and Luisa(our friends from guatemala). The weather was so cool and the trails were primo. I was so stoked to see Tim fall in love with the Moon Rocks. He is such a good rider that the traditional locals line is too easy for him. He has picked out new, more difficult and more fun lines for himself. And that is one thing that I love about riding up there is that there are line choices for all.

I'm working with the yellow jersey Fawley and the girl scouts this week. Then I'm taking a three day beginner motorcycle course because I've always wanted to.

Rock out the rest of the summer!


  1. Glad you are balancing better. Oh, no, another retiree thinking about motocycles?!

  2. Sue,

    Love the pics...esp. the bridge reflection! Keep the tires spinnin'!