Friday, July 4, 2008

Road Racing in MASS

The Fitchburg Longjso Classic is a good race. The time trial course was a good one. It was only a small disadvantage to not have a full TT set up. Maybe 20-30 seconds only. I did pretty good for me for a road TT. The road race was a nice 10 mile loop that we did 6 times and then we climbed up MT. Wachusett. That was a killer last 3K...very tough and steep, but awesome. I got two punctures, which is a bit bizarre. Someone said that there was glass on the downhill. Sram was there quickly to change wheels. The last time, though they put the wheel in crooked and I had some some extra credit training going up the hill. It wrecked my GC, but it was just the strength training that I need for Mt. Snow.

Thanks Jeanette for towing me back to the field on both my flat tires. I am guest riding for the HPC powered by Altarum. The are a team out of the Washington D.C. area. The team is Lorena, Jeanette, Anna, Lesley and Gevevieve. They are all really funny, fast and nice. We have been having fun, eating good and joking around a lot. Tomorrow we are going to get Lorena into the points jersey.

There was something very annoying that happened at the race today that made me loose a lot of respect for the people that run the race. They had too many classes out on the course at the same time. They neutralized our race twice today. The first time they actually made us stop. The second time, was when the first decisive split in the race happened. The men's II break were coming up so they stopped the women's break, let the rest of the women catch up and then made us go slow until the rest of the men's II passed. I find that very disrespectful and it takes away any good flow to the racing. Its hard to find road races that respect the women. (except RFK and Toona)

Happy Freedom Day Everyone!!!!

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  1. the RFK Crit is put on by Sean Bega (Bloomfield) who is the team manager for Hub Racing a team that focuses primarily on female racers

    a racer himself
    sean is a racer/promoter who respects the women and their sport!

    bummer that they altered the outcome of your race

    sadly the officials are trying to do what they think is best... but sometimes they do not see the big picture