Saturday, July 5, 2008


We met our goal today at the race and got Lorena in the Points jersey. Honestly, Lorena just climbed the hill really fast everytime. We had a fun day on the bikes and a nice short one, too. We had an awesome Thai dinner at Bangkok Hill. Tomorrow will be a little dicey defending the green jersey in a crit against some fast sprinters. But we are pretty awesome so....

Other breaking news... Another reason to despise the UCI... The relegation of Sauser to second place at Marathon World Championships, when Roel comes up behind him and wrecks him. The video is on youtube. You make the call. Sauser is moving his bike around, but I would say he was holding his line, though. Roel destroys his bike and doesn't even bother running to the finish line. Maybe he is just so stunned. Sauser never takes his eyes off of the finish line.It is crazy, though. They both look so tired sprinting after over 4 and half hours of intense racing. They both hit the ground so hard. It probably wouldn't of happened if it was more of an mtb course and not a roadie course.( Not that roadies are bad or anything!)

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  1. looks like the video has been removed

    which makes the story a bit of a private joke to those that were there

    maybe more detail will appear here