Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The weather at the end of Feb and beg of march in Virginia can pretty much mean anything. This week it was a bit hard getting used to the constantly changing weather and of course much colder temps than in Tucson. It helped that I had an easy week and have took a lovin to rollers. It is great being home. Its fun being back with Tim and Ruby and riding in our very local oasis of Hillendale Park. Tim did tons of work to the house while I was gone. He picked some nice paint colors. Its really nice having a real floor, too. Its a one of a kind...can't get this at Home Depot!

I battled the wind for most of the week, so Sunday was awesome as the weather warmed and a group of us got out on the trails at Big Schloss. Tim got a new bike and was rippin it. It is so cool to see good travel go with good skills. I had some beautiful moments getting back to the rocky trails of Wolf Gap.

Tim took me to a Cirque de Soliel show in Charlottesville. It was Saltimbanco. It was the best of the three shows that I have seen. It had a lot of outrageous athletics and humor. We also celebrated Thomas and Julie's 6th anniversary. Good times.


  1. Hi Sue:
    I´m Marcelo, aka Pit, from Mendoza, Argentina, a very beautiful place to pratice mountain bike. I´m a mountainbiker enthusiast, and a really fanatic of Trek bikes (and I got one, of course!)
    A few days ago I bought Off Road to Athens DVD movie, and I saw your effort to win the "ticket to Athens" ...really amazing.
    I just say hello to you from this far far place and I send you my blogs adress: pit-rockandbikes.blogspot.com.
    Greetings from Mendoza!

  2. Virgina looks nice no pointy trees...
    Good job at the old pueblo,,got to love the rollers I have be riding them to some old funny carmichael
    interval dvd.. Spring is coming to the upper midwest and the natives are getting restless.