Friday, March 21, 2008

Offering to the Blogging Gods

I'm sorry. I wrote a detailed story of our team camp that I didn't save and then it disappeared. I was bummed, but just consider it an offering to the blog gods. It was a pretty good one, but can't be recreated, so its just time to move on, I guess.

In short, Moab was really fun. The team vibe was very family. We stayed at Pam and Tony's B&B and shared lots of group meals. Zack, our manager, and Caitlyn his girlfriend and Rocky Mountain Team member made the best food for us. It was healthy and made with love and quickness. Our new Soigneur, Laura Downey, tenderized our legs and took care of us like we were big time pros. Michael Browne, our team director, gave us fun cameras to play with while we rode, hoping to get some cool video for future media use. He also gave us a good pep talk for the season. Our mechanics, Dusty and Bork and Shep, worked long hours to get our hardtails built. They also put up with all the mirco adjustments that occur when riding a new bike. Our photographer, John Laptad, squeezed blood from a stone and got some amazing pics in record speed and in little space.

My only complaint is purely superficial. For some reason the girls jersey's are a weird pink color. Pink is a little two years ago, but I'm about two years behind on trends, too.The unfortunate part is that the shorts are red. I'm old school and have a problem with red and pink going together unless its on a valentine's day card. That said, maybe I should just think of myself as a giant valentine day card riding a bike, bringing love to all the mountainbikers out there. xxx ooo. That is a better visual image than a color clashing clown. But if you like our pink jersey's let me know.

I'm still in amazement over the group of riders that make up the team. There is some serious lung and leg power amongst us. And the skill set of our team is very high. I would love to have some sort of competition that was technical riding only. I think our team would kick ass against other cross country riders. And most importantly, everyone is very nice and fun to be around. We had some awesome group rides.

Moab was the last time the team will be all together this year. We are all going to different races in different places. The staff will do the same. It made our time in Moab even more special.


  1. Love the picture of you on the team trailer.

  2. You are so funny! A Valentines card! It doesn't matter what you wear people are going to think it is the coolest, newest thing to date. Maybe you can where blue eyeshadow so that will come back, I miss those days.

    You look cute, pink and all.

  3. the non-matching shorts to my jersey would drive me insane!
    luckily this will have no impact on how fast you are.

  4. Well, great write up anyway! How do I apply for your job. . . oh, that's right, you gotta be FAST. What a beautiful place.

  5. I generally do not like pink, but I love the pink Trek jerseys. It sure beats my bright green and yellow one.