Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Slatyfork Enduro

WVMBA (West Virginia Mountain Bike Association) knows how to put on a sweet bike weekend.  I got to race a 37 mile wet, wild knarl Ultra race that took me 5 hours one day.  Then the next day, out of the same parking lot, I got to race a truly backcountry Enduro.  

This is the finish of the last timed section of the Slatyfork Enduro complete with warming fire and a mountain man to take your time.
For me, I like to have two bikes for such a weekend and for sure different tire selections.  But with the Trigger "Quiver Killer"  I can certainly do both on that bike.  Of course, I do put the Zoic baggies over my Verge pink Lycra shorty short racing bibs.   For most of the WV crew though, they don't change a thing.  I really like that in this day of niche racing and specialization of gear.

Tea Creek Mountain Trail was one of my all time favorites

Its the way of Enduro podiums to have a beer in one hand and then raise the other.  

If you haven't rode Tea Creek Mountain Trail...Do it!

My sweet Trigger

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