Monday, August 15, 2011

Summ, summ, summertime synapsis

The summer of 2011 has been really awesome. Obviously, since I haven't posted since June and the Tran-Sylvania Epic. Its been sad not having my dad around to tell about all these cool things. My mom has been really strong and staying healthy in body and mind, so that is really inspiring.


The 3rd annual festy was a great weekend of riding. The friday Ladies Day had over 20 female riders laughing their way through skills drills, tough singletrack, a lovely lunch and more singletrack. It was a big group and that is how we like it when it comes to women and mountainbiking.

We had some really nice folks come out for the group rides. We had three different rides go out: The Nature lovers ride with Chip Chase, The Moon Rocks loop with MR jeff and Rob S and then the Adventure Ride with me and Chaga. Epic ride with a lunch stop at the Trail Mix.

Sunday was split between work and play. We did trail work in the am and built a bridge and then the chaotic Bike Hash. It was nice to see more folks come out for trail work and our leader Ken Dzaak was very impressed with what we got done. Thanks to Luke and Catherine for the awesome bike specific scared vessel.

Tim and I got to go to the BEACH at Emerald Isle and hang out with special friends. I love the beach!


What a crazy, cool, tough, funny, hot, cheap, epic blast of an event. Put it on your bucket list. Its that good and that intense. Since our Director was out with a bad back, he put the screws to us with lots of tough climbs and burly singletracks.


I've been teaching a few clinics this summer. These 2 day mini camps are a great way to learn to mountain bike, as well as unlearn some bad habits that you probably have picked up over the years. I like Gene Hamilton's curriculum and his website has great tips, videos and resources to expand your mind with regards to mountainbiking. I'll be teaching another one in Harrisonburg on October 22 and 23rd.


I got to do some cool races like the IRON MOUNTAIN 100k in Damascus, Virginia. This southwest part of Virginia has some bigs mountains and beautiful rivers. This race has some good singletrack and hometown feel. The Blackwater Epic was a muddy one, but so fun to race over the moon rocks, not once, but twice!
And I even got to do some road racing at the Tour of Page County. I got to mix it up a little with the strong roadie girls who were very friendly.

A couple of us rode to Spruce Knob from Harrisonburg and back. There are so many epic back roads and big climbs around here, the road riding can get really big and rough.

There isn't a ton on the slate for the next couple of weeks, just lots of riding and still working the Landscaping Gig with Great Outdoors Landscaping. We had a great outing on the mountainbikes on day when we played hookey from work.

And even got out with the Local Tuesday Ladies Ride.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and I'll try to write more. Ride on!

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