Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sedona bliss

We are continuing to enjoy our Sedona trip. The locals have been taking us on all their favorite rides. Tex said to Tim the other day, "When you first came here I thought you guys were freaks, but then I realized that you were with Sue Heyword" The truth is of course we are freaks and no way could I bring the normalcy factor up in our crew.

The riding is fun, but riding some of the stuff the first time can be high on the adrenaline factor. Like the Hawgs, the first time we rode that it seemed a little scary. The second time was pure fun. Highline was very difficult and I would love to go back to that and give it another go. That is the one that made Jennifer cry and turn around. It was tough.

Ken's trail had that effect on Collin. Ken's trail is a little used trail off of Airport. Later Jimmy said ,"yea, if you don't like that first drop in on Ken's then you won't like the rest of the trail" and I had to take the sneak line right away, so... I actually liked trying stuff that I never try like super loose gravel piles and jumps and big drop ins. I couldn't lower my seat any more, so it was a little sketchy and I did have to walk a good bit. But I did push myself and do some big moves. We rode with Jackie Harmony that day. She is a pro downhiller and it was cool to see her go at some big jumps with speed and go down some super steep loose stuff with some corners. In the end, the consensus was that shuttling is not for us in Sedona. We would rather ride up and down and get in the groove.

I'm loving riding everyday and love my bike so much right now. I'll get up a post of what I'm riding and what my schedule is for this year...its going to be a good one.

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