Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some of the Winners of Pisgah

I'm home and feeling relaxed, a little tired and happy. That is one thing that I love about stage races and 24 hour races, is that after a couple of days, I forget just how hard they are and remember the fun parts. I had fun at the Pisgah race. It is a beautiful area with really fun trails. The weather and the gravel roads were the hard parts. But , I would do the race again and recommend it to others who are looking for an adventure. Its not expensive compared to other stage races, but you don't get housed or fed like the other ones. And I would say they are missing a little group atmosphere stuff. Everyone just goes back to where they are staying to wash bikes and eat. At Trans Rockies and Cape Epic they make a big deal out of dinner and then the slide show of the days riding and then a big course desciption and fly over of the next day's riding. But those races don't have singletrack either.

The last day was cold and fast. There was a lot of fireroad, but with views of looking glass rock and waterfalls and so many leaves on the road. I was feeling tired, but motivated to win the overall. I had a great lead of over 30 minutes so I just had to watch the other ladies. I rode with Churtle most of the day. She was killing the fireroads on her light bike and racing tires. Plus, she was racing into second place and that always gives you better legs. I passed her just 3 miles from the finish for the stage win and pushed my winnings up to $1150!

I love the trophy. Over the years, it has been rare to get a nice homemade trophy from a race. It was nice hanging out with the other racers in the sun eating a burger. Also the race provides each racer with 30 minutes of free massage, so I took advantage of that and the sponsor beer and all was good. There was a great after party a Square Root in Brevard complete with jaegerbombs and an old dude serenading Todd with an original version of Freebird.

I want to thank Shenandoah Bicycle Company and Tim for getting my bike in great shape for the race. Also, Turner Bikes for a sweet Flux that is a great endurance bike and made me smile flying down Pilot Rock . Also, local Asheville company, Industry Nine Wheels for fast, light and stiff race wheels. My Uvex helemt, Syntace bar and stem worked great. As well as my Ibex clothing, which was perfect for the Pisgah conditions. Thanks go out to Park for letting us have his house for the weekend and to Churtle and Harlan for being fun racing companions. And to Todd for putting the race on.

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