Monday, June 15, 2009

Racing Again!

The Hoo Ha marked my first race back from my stupid broken leg. It was a good goal race especially since I was on Team SVBC/IMBA as part of a fundraising effort for trails and bike advocacy. The fundraising was a huge sucess! SVBC raised over $17,000 plus won a GT bike. Thanks so much if you donated, I really appreciate it. Also a big thanks to all the folks that helped work on the new trail(name to be determined). Everyone loved it and it rode really well in the wet.

When I saw Churtle and Bunny show up for the XXC, I got a little nervous knowing that they are some of the best endurance riders in the country. But being nervous and excited for a competition is a fun feeling. But I forgot how there are a lot of little things to do to get ready like making sure you have food, water, a tube and the right tools. The morning flew by and before I knew it I was getting that burning sensation in my legs from a fast start. I felt better once I was warmed up and was able to pass Churtle on the climb. She caught me back at the bottom of the downhill. We rode for about 30 seconds together, then I flatted. Oh yea, flats happen.

I had a good change and caught up with her about 40 mintues later. I was riding the climbs well, but not the descents. Even though I don't think about my leg when I ride, I must still be scared. I was sketched out on easy stuff. I walked a creek that every other person in the race rode. I know this because JR was taking pictures for iplayoutside at that spot. I know that my balance is poor and I could use some more flexibility. Resolving those issues will help get me closer to riding the things that I want to be able to ride. But the good thing was that I knew exactly where I was the whole time. I got pretty tired and thirsty, too. But I won in a time of 4:14 and Churtle was six minutes back.

The club put on the super D as well. That was a killer super D course. There were some tough parts up on Kaylor's Ridge with the rocks and little uphills, but there was a boat load of fast descending . Tim, Carp and I had tough crashes in the pre-ride. My knee is still black, blue and yellow from it. But we all pulled it together for the race. Tim was the fastest local with Sam K and Harlan in 1 st and 2 nd. If that super D could get on the National Schedule...there's a great idea...a national super d series.

JB crushed in the XC! It would have been cool to see the JHKs and Plaxtons on that course battle against JB. Julie Dinkins won the women's and Kiwi Jenny was fourth. And lots of locals had great races, too.

Also, some very exciting news to report is that I am now riding TURNER Bikes. I got a Flux! It is an aluminum 4 inch bike in raw. It is stiff in the ways that I like and the suspension works good and consistently. Its a light bike that will be great for endurance racing. I'll make a couple of changes, like put a Reba on, a bar with more sweep and dream about a pair of I-9 wheels. It is so fun to be riding a different bike after 10 years.

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