Sunday, February 3, 2008

the weekend

The shootout was a little harder this week. I did some work to move myself towards the front of the huge pack after the small break went up the road. I was working hard. It was survival singlefile in the wind on the rough patch after the bridge. I was looking for that sweet spot in the draft like last week, but it was no where in be found in the gutter eschelon. I popped myself and rode with some folks I didn't know, hoping some friends would come up. Eventually, Kathryn(more on her later) and some other guys came up and we headed up Maderia. It was beautiful as always and hard as hell, too. The wind and the grade are so steady. We got a ways up and then the fast group was coming down so we joined in. Good thing. Today was a bit of a reality check for fitness level.

But of course a day on the mtb made me feel tons better. Spring and I headed out to Tucson Mountain Park for a good ride on the dirt. Its just so pretty there and the fun factor of mountainbiking is a good reward to the week of road riding. I split m
Add Imagey sidewall in the first three minutes. Tires take a beating around here. The new Shimano m300s are very nice shoes. They are going to be great this season. I'm trying out the Ergon grips. They are very interesting. I'm not ready to make a judgement call yet, but I will say they seemed to help my steering on the loose corners.

There is a pic of my family away from home...Todd, Carrie and Fredo. I'm heading over to Amara and Jason's for dinner. They are the friends that we stayed with last year in Tucson. They will be moving to Harrisonburg in April to start up their own Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic.

I missed the Superbowl Sunday ride at home. I'm sure that it was a blast as always.

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  1. Hey Sue! Wow 2008 is your last year! You have had a great mtb career!
    If you are into any cross-country or back-country skiing, Dara and I would be happy to have you and Tim up in Flagstaff - we got a lot of snow right now. Sedona ridding could also be fun, but might be kinda wet right now. Hope the 24 Old Pueblo goes great for your duo team. Cheers, Troy
    P.S. good news - I KNOCKED UP DARA!